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Just For Fun – LDS Girls’ Camp Song – The 2013 Version

Last year, I posted how I attended our local church’s girls’ camp.  I didn’t attend this year, but I did help the girls come up with a song/skit for it.  For those of you reading who are unfamiliar with how … Continue reading

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The Feeling’s Mutual: Treasure Hunt

One day a few weeks ago, I was laying on the couch with my daughter watching Backyardigans or something similar.  Whatever it was, they were pretending to be pirates and going on a treasure hunt.  Suddenly, I sat up off … Continue reading

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Fear Factor: The Mutual Activity

Remember how my brother and I started this blog with vigor and then never updated it?  Yeah, we’re awesome like that.  So I guess I should start with an apology (or a you’re welcome?) for never updating. With that being … Continue reading

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Being Christian

When I was younger I avoided everything that was labeled “Christian.”  Don’t get me wrong.  Mormons are Christians.  But I grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt where everybody and their dog was Christian.  And yes, there were … Continue reading

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