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Just For Fun – LDS Girls’ Camp Song – The 2013 Version

Last year, I posted how I attended our local church’s girls’ camp.  I didn’t attend this year, but I did help the girls come up with a song/skit for it.  For those of you reading who are unfamiliar with how … Continue reading

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The Feeling’s Mutual: Treasure Hunt

One day a few weeks ago, I was laying on the couch with my daughter watching Backyardigans or something similar.  Whatever it was, they were pretending to be pirates and going on a treasure hunt.  Suddenly, I sat up off … Continue reading

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The Feeling’s Mutual: Speed Dating–A Get to Know You Activity

I just made up a nifty new name for this section of the blog.  Go me! I figured since I’m in the Young Women’s presidency at church, and I’m in charge of activities that I might as well post what … Continue reading

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Fear Factor: The Mutual Activity

Remember how my brother and I started this blog with vigor and then never updated it?  Yeah, we’re awesome like that.  So I guess I should start with an apology (or a you’re welcome?) for never updating. With that being … Continue reading

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Young Women Requirements from 1916

One of the interesting things about our faith is that we have special classes and programs designed for our youth to help them in their growth and development.  These programs are designed to help them spiritually, physically, emotionally, temporally, and socially.  … Continue reading

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