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Being Christian

When I was younger I avoided everything that was labeled “Christian.”  Don’t get me wrong.  Mormons are Christians.  But I grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt where everybody and their dog was Christian.  And yes, there were … Continue reading

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Strengthening My Mormon Faith at a Protestant Youth Rally

Strengthening My Mormon Faith at a Protestant Youth Rally Growing up being one of the few Mormons in our small community of Green Hill, Alabama, I often had the opportunity to attend meetings and activities of other churches in the … Continue reading

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Prayer: What I’ve Learned From a 4 Year Old

Lesson #1: If Evan says the prayer, sometimes all he’ll say is “Heavenly Father, Thank thee we have fun. Amen.”  So last night my husband Andrew said to him before he even started, “Okay, Evan, think about what you want … Continue reading

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Your OTHER Friendly Mormon Neighbor

Since my brother beat me to the punch, I guess I’ll go ahead and introduce myself second.  That’s pretty much how it’s always been, anyway, right, Joshua?  🙂 My name is Johanna Brown. I’m the youngest of six children.  Joshua … Continue reading

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Young Women Requirements from 1916

One of the interesting things about our faith is that we have special classes and programs designed for our youth to help them in their growth and development.  These programs are designed to help them spiritually, physically, emotionally, temporally, and socially.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to Your Friendly Mormon Neighbor

Thanks so much for visiting our new blog.  I imagine the most polite thing to do, since we are neighbors after all, would be to introduce myself.  My name is Joshua Pettus.  My little sister and I decided several months ago … Continue reading

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